May 10, 2016

Getting Here

Teepee Lakes Group Resort can be accessed both from the north via the Elkhart exit on Hwy 97C and from the south via Teepee Lakes Rd from Bankier.

May 2017

These directions are as accurate as possible, as of the above noted date. The kilometers noted should be fairly accurate, if you set your trip odometer @ 0 at the noted “T” junction. The forestry km markers noted are for reference only, and not a part of your odometer tracking, so don’t get confused by them. The trip to our gate is approximately 24km’s, and will take 40 – 45 minutes.

Forestry roads are constantly changing. As such, we have included as much information about landmarks that we don’t believe will change, as possible. Things like signs can be subject to vandalism, or simply removed. Roads can be added/closed. There should be enough information here that you will not get too far off track without knowing it. At the time of doing this, the roads were in good to excellent shape. There were some “soft” muddy areas, and tight turns, so be warned if you are travelling this route during rainy season, or towing something.

Logging trucks have the right of way and can be active in our area.

From Merrit (Elkhart Exit)

  1. Drive from Merritt on highway 97C towards Kelowna until the Elkhart Exit.
  2. Get off at the Elkhart Exit. This takes you over a cattle guard to a “T” junction. At this point, set your trip odometer to 0km. Turn left (sign says “To Dovetail”)
  3. Travel 1.2km on the paved road. At this point the road changes to gravel and goes to the right (stay right at the fork, as the road to the left leads to Elkhart Lodge).
  4. Follow the gravel road around and up the hill. At the top of the hill 1.7km you go right. (you will see a forestry .5km marker when you turn the corner).
  5. At 2.2km there is a fork, stay slight right.
  6. At 4.2 stay straight don’t go right.
  7. At 4.8km stay straight don’t turn back to left.
  8. At 5.3km stay straight don’t turn left.
  9. At 8.6km take the fork to the left going up the hill onto the loop road.
  10. At 9.7km go left off of loop road, road is deactivated to your right.
  11. At 11.5km stay right and head down the hill.
  12. At 12.2km stay left don’t go down branch 63.
  13. At 13.1km stay right don’t go down branch 62.
  14. At 13.3 you will go over a bridge.
  15. At 13.6km stay left don’t go right up the hill.
  16. At 13.8 don’t double back to the right stay straight.
  17. At 16.5km don’t turn left, then don’t turn left, then don’t turn right.
  18. At 17.7km turn right at the “T” onto Sunday Lake Road.
  19. At 18.4km don’t turn left stay straight.
  20. At 19.3 turn left onto Friday lake forest service road.
  21. Continue down Friday lake forest road.
  22. At 22.8km you will come to a “Y”, Go right (There are 2 options, a soft right and just beyond a hard right which is less bumpy).
  23. At 23.2km stay straight, do not turn left.
  24. At 23.7km you should see the Rockin’ Acres yellow gate on your left.
  25. At 24.1km stay straight, do not turn left.
  26. At 24.5km you have reached the Teepee Lakes Resort Gate.

From Bankier


Download GPX File for Route

Turn off the Princeton Summerland Highway onto Teepee Lakes Road.

Head up the road and around a corner taking the first right onto a forest service road.

Stop and zero your odometer.

  1. At 1.4km stay straight, do not turn right.
  2. At 2.5km stay straight, do not turn right.
  3. At 3.7km stay straight, do not turn left.
  4. At 4.3km stay left at the “Y” going downhill.
  5. At 4.6km stay right at Emery sign.
  6. At 5.1km stay straight, do not turn right.
  7. At 7km stay straight, do not turn left.
  8. At 8.9km go left at fork with Friday Lake Road.
  9. At 9.3km stay straight, do not turn left.
  10. At 9.8km you should see the Rockin Acres Gate on your left.
  11. At 9.9km cellphone rock is on your left.
  12. At 10.3km stay right, do not turn left.
  13. At 10.6km you have reached the Teepee Lakes Resort Gate.