April 28, 2016


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there cell phone Service?

Teepee Lakes is an off grid resort and at this time there is no cell phone service at the camp. We have however been able to find cell phone service by driving back up the road in to the camp.

Is wildlife an issue?

This is a remote camp and wildlife is always present, including bears. We strongly recommend that food not be stored inside cabins (store in vehicles).

Is firewood provided?

No firewood is provided for guests however you may find small amounts of wood left by previous renters. There are large amounts of deadfall to be found along the road between Friday and Saturday/Sunday lakes. We recommend guests bring a chainsaw or bowsaw in order to cut their own firewood. PLEASE do not cut down standing timber.

Is there anywhere to get water?

There is no potable water provided at Teepee Lakes Resort.

Can I bring my ATV?

ATVs are allowed however we ask that when driving on resort property speed be kept to a maximum of 10km/h with respect for other resort users and dust control. There are many riding trails surrounding the Teepee Lakes Resort which are easily accessible. Please practice safe driving techniques as some roadways are active logging roads.

Is Teepee Lakes hard to find?

Teepee Lakes is found down forest service roads with many branches. As such very thorough maps and written directions are provided for each guest. We ask that you read through the directions prior to your journey and follow them carefully.

What will the road in be like?

The roads in to Teepee Lakes Resort are forest service roads which are often unmaintained. These roads consist of dirt and gravel and can be rough. In addition while it is unlikely we also recommend guests plan to bring up one saw capable of clearing fallen trees from the roadway as it is unmaintained.

Can I bring my firearms?

Teepee Lakes has a STRICT no firearms, no shooting and no hunting policy. We ask that if you do bring firearms along to keep them locked in their case while on Resort property.

What are the fishing regulations for the three Teepee Lakes?

Friday, Saturday and Sunday lakes (the Teepee Lakes) are found within Region 8 of the BC Fishing Regulations Book. All three lakes do not allow ice fishing or gas motors (electric only). All three lakes are stocked and we have seen fishing quality continue to rise year over year. With this I mind we ask that guests practice catch and release when able, to protect the health and fishing quality within the lakes. Valid fishing licenses are required to fish all lakes.